Renewal Products

Renewal Products is a luxury haircare brand that is committed to using sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients in their products. As their branding and design partner, I worked closely with the company to develop a visual identity that reflects their dedication to sustainability while also conveying the luxuriousness of their products.

The branding and graphic design work I did for Renewal Products focused on creating a premium and sophisticated aesthetic, with an emphasis on natural textures and elegant typography. The resulting logo and visual assets reflect the brand’s values of quality, sustainability, and luxury.

As part of my work with Renewal Products, I also managed the brand’s social media presence, creating compelling content and building a loyal online community of beauty enthusiasts. Through targeted advertising and influencer partnerships, I helped the brand grow its following and reach new customers who are interested in luxurious, sustainable haircare.

Finally, I designed and developed a high-end website for Renewal Products that showcases their products and brand story in a visually stunning and user-friendly way. The website features beautiful product photography, easy-to-use navigation, and a streamlined checkout process, making it easy for customers to find and purchase the brand’s products.

Overall, my work with Renewal Products has helped the brand establish a strong and distinctive identity in the luxury haircare market, positioning them as a leader in sustainable and high-quality haircare.